Experienced Garden Machinery Repair Services in the Bromley/Chislehurst area

Your local specialists for servicing, maintenance and repair of all types of garden machinery and horticultural equipment.

We are a brand new company comprised of ex FR Jones workshop staff with decades of industry experience. Our priority will be undertaking repairs for our local customers in the Bromley, Kent and South East area. We’re offering the same great level of quality craftsmanship, but with a much speedier turnaround.

We are operating from a new workshop from our residential address in Chislehurst on a temporary basis, until we are able to acquire premises that is more appropriate and convenient for our customers. We are actively seeking premises so any recommendations/referrals would be gratefully received. In the meantime, please reach out to us by phone or email to obtain the drop off location.

We look forward to welcoming you, and thank you for your support!

Matt and Sami

*UPDATE* ~ We are now your local authorised agent for Masport, Echo, Mountfield, Stiga, Cobra, Billy Goat and Ego machinery.

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Please note, all prices are excluding parts and VAT

Services & Labour Fees

Petrol Rotary Lawnmowers

  • Minimum charge: £50
  • Push mower intermediate service: £80
  • Push mower full overhaul: £95
  • Self-propelled mower intermediate service: £95
  • Self-propelled mower full overhaul: £130
  • Recoil starter repair (already removed from machine): £27

Petrol Hand-held Machines

  • Minimum charge: £45.00
  • Full service of hand-held blower: £70
  • Full service of backpack blower: £80
  • Full service of chainsaw: £90
  • Full service of pole saw: £100
  • Full service of cut-off saw: £90
  • Full service of kombi/multi tool (engine unit only): £75
  • Full service of kombi/multi tool engine (with blower or strimmer attachment): £80
  • Full service of kombi/multi tool engine (with chain-saw or hedge-cutter attachment): £100
  • Multi-tool attachment repairs start at £25
  • Full service of strimmer/brushcutter: £80
  • Full service of hedge-cutter (short reach): £90
  • Full service of hedge-cutter (long reach): £100
  • Recoil assembly repair (already removed from machine): £20

Two stroke machines that require an engine rebuild will incur an additional £20 on top of the service charge.

Battery/Electric Machines

  • Minimum charge: £45
  • Push lawnmower service: £60
  • Self-propelled lawnmower service: £70
  • Blower service: £50
  • Brushcutter/strimmer service: £50
  • Chainsaw service: £60
  • Pole saw service: £70
  • Cut-off saw service: £60
  • Hedge-cutter service (short reach): £65
  • Hedge-cutter service (long reach): £75


  • Minimum charge: £100
  • Full service: £260-£460 depending on size

Other Petrol Engine Powered Machinery

Other garden tools that we work on are:

  • Tillers/cultivators/rotavators
  • Scarifiers/aerators
  • Chippers/shredders
  • Scythe mowers
  • Walk behind stump grinders

If your machine is powered by one of the following engine manufacturers then we can do a repair/service on the engine only:

  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Honda
  • Kawasaki
  • Loncin
  • Kohler

Labour rates start at £50

Sharpening Services

  • Remove and re-fit chain to saw: £10
  • Chainsaw chain: £10 (additional premium for carbide tipped chains)
  • Hedge-cutter blade set: £35
  • Long handled shears: £16.50
  • Short handled shears: £14.50
  • Loppers: £14
  • Secateurs £14
  • Rotary mower blade (already removed from machine): £10
  • Rotary mower blade sharpening (on machine): £25
  • Tractor/rider blade sharpening (on machine): £50 plus £10 for each additional blade
  • Small chipper blade (up to 10") single-sided: £20
  • Small chipper blade (up to 10") double-sided: £35
  • Small chipper blade (over 10") single-sided: £35
  • Small chipper blade (over 10") double-sided: £50

What's involved when servicing your machine?

We are not your average service agent.

We've broken servicing down into two categories, an intermediate service and a full service. The reason is, some machines just require a simple engine service and a blade sharpen which we consider an intermediate service. Other machines that have in-depth engine/drive issues will require a lot more time so will be a full service. When were fully servicing a machine, we like to make sure it is just like it was when it was new.

When we service a machine, it's more accurate to call it an overhaul/restoration because we are so thorough.

All petrol machines have their engine and drive systems stripped down, fluids drained and are then jet washed. This is mainly done so we can see for any failing parts that may be covered with debris. Electrical machines are hand cleaned.

All moving parts are inspected for correct function and any worn items (belts or bearings for example) are replaced. If the budget begins to creep up we contact you so there are no nasty surprises.

Every service job has the following replaced: air filter, recoil rope, spark plug, oil and diaphragms.

The carbs are all thoroughly cleaned using compressed air and then take a bath in our heated ultrasonic cleaner. Worn diaphragms/gaskets are replaced and then the carb is tuned.

Blades are sharpened and set (or replaced if really worn), cables are lubricated and adjusted.

We take pride in our craft and every service comes with a three month guarantee. Our work will not let you down!

(accidental damage, misuse or excessive wear and tear excluded).

All repairs are risk-free. You are only charged if a repair is successful. If we are unable to repair your machine for an economical price, you are not charged.

All of our repairs are backed by a three month guarantee. This excludes general wear and tear, misuse and accidental damage.

  • Stihl Mowers

  • Mountfield Mowers

  • Hayter Mowers

  • Toro Mowers

  • Husqvarna Chainsaws

  • Stihl Strimmers

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Meet Our Team

Matt Hawkins

Co-Founder and Horticultural Engineer

With over 23 years of experience in the horticultural industry, Matt is a seasoned professional. He began his journey as a workshop apprentice and swiftly progressed to become a technician, showcasing his technical skills and dedication to customer satisfaction. As a workshop manager, Matt consistently provided expert advice and exceptional customer service.

Motivated by a passion for expanding his expertise and serving customers and peers with unparalleled excellence, he co-founded Hawkhil's Ltd alongside Sami Sahil.

Contact Matt: 07783 173237

Sami Sahil

Co-Founder and Horticultural Engineer

Sami Sahil brings over nine years of invaluable experience as a workshop technician to the team at Hawkhil's. His role involved diagnosing and resolving issues with various machines, ensuring their smooth functioning.

Sami's expertise extends to servicing machines, sharpening blades, and consistently delivering top-notch customer service. With his meticulous attention to detail and commitment to providing exceptional support, Sami co-founded Hawkhil's Ltd with Matt Hawkins, driven by a shared vision of delivering outstanding horticultural engineering services.

Contact Sami: 07783 131997
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