About us


We offer servicing and expert repairs across the South East England and South London. This includes:

  • Routine maintenance and servicing for garden machinery, such as lawnmowers, trimmers, and chainsaws.
  • Repair and troubleshooting of garden machinery to address mechanical or electrical issues.
  • Blade sharpening for various cutting tools, including lawnmower blades, hedge trimmer blades, and chainsaw chains.
  • Engine diagnostics and tune-ups for optimal performance of machinery.
  • Parts replacement and sourcing for garden machinery components that require repair or replacement.
  • Experience Fast Turnaround Times

    At Hawkhil's, we understand the importance of efficiency when it comes to servicing and repairing your garden machinery. That's why we pride ourselves on providing a fast turnaround time for our services. With our extensive experience and expertise, our dedicated team of horticultural engineers works diligently to promptly diagnose and resolve any issues your machinery may have. We prioritise minimising downtime, ensuring that your equipment is back in optimal working condition as quickly as possible.

    When you choose Hawkhil's, you can trust us to deliver efficient and reliable service, getting you back to what you do best - taking care of your green spaces.

  • Professional Service at Its Finest

    When it comes to the maintenance and repair of your garden, horticulture, and arboriculture machinery, choosing Hawkhil's means choosing professionalism in every aspect of our service.

    Our team of skilled horticultural engineers is committed to delivering nothing but the highest standards. From the moment you reach out to us, you can expect clear communication, attentive customer care, and a genuine dedication to understanding and meeting your specific needs. We bring years of industry expertise and technical knowledge to every project, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and precision in our work. At Hawkhil's, we take pride in providing a seamless and professional experience, making sure you feel confident and satisfied with our service from start to finish.

  • Warm and Friendly Staff

    We believe that a warm and friendly environment can make all the difference in your service experience. When you choose us, you're not just a customer; you become a valued part of our community. Our team of dedicated horticultural engineers is known for their approachable nature and genuine willingness to help.

    Whether you have questions, need advice, or simply want to discuss your machinery concerns, our friendly staff is always ready to lend a listening ear and provide expert guidance. We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere where you feel comfortable discussing your needs and can trust in our team's knowledge and expertise.

    With Hawkhil's, you can expect a service experience that is not only professional but also friendly and personable, because we believe that building strong relationships is at the heart of what we do.